About M-C-M

This site exists because I love post-war cars, culture, technology and design. I run the website www.roverp5.com and while I really love the Rover P5 and P5B, I wanted to cover other cars and topics as well. So here we are.

As well as the Rover, I own an Alfa 105 (Bertone) Coupe, and I have an interest in all things mid-century (mid-century-modern being the period between approximately 1945 and 1969 (according to Wikipedia). Mid-Century-Motoring seemed like a good name for a new site to sit alongside www.roverp5.com. There will be other cars joining the Rover and Alfa, and I’ll cover more general motoring topics, but everything will have a mid-century theme.

Living in the UK I guess things will have a British perspective, but I hope the latin passion and flair of the Alfa will balance the sensible British solidity of the Rover P5 (both literally and figuratively).

Let’s see where this goes.


(September 2022).

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